Crab Cakes – An Incredible Dish for Health and Longevity

Do you like crab cakes ? Did you know that crab meat has many special health benefits.

Well if you didn’t, we are here to tell you about it.

We are a food distribution and restaurant company that specializes in crab meat.

Our site here, ikescrabcakes.com is our sister site focusing on our amazing crab cake product.

It is made from the finest crab caught in the ocean, deep frozen immediately to keep freshness, and defrosted using our patented technology.

But lets stop talking about our product, and talk about how crab meat, especially crab cakes, can make you stronger, feel more energized and be generally healthier.

Crab Meat is a High Source of Omega 3s

Studies have shown that a diet with high in omega 3 will help keep your vision sharp, while at the same time, give your brain and body the fats it needs to energize and metabolize it’s cells. ¬†And because crabs are part of the shellfish family, you’ll be getting tons of natural omega 3s from it .

Reduces High Cholesterol

Not only does crab provide an amazing nutrient value besides the omega 3s, it contains sterol. This compound restricts the absorption of cholesterol , while at the same time, helps break down cholesterol molecules in the blood.

Natural Anti-oxidant

Crab meat is also a natural anti-oxidant. It contains high levels of selenium. Studies have shown that a high level of selenium results in lower toxicity levels and complications.

Disadvantage of Crab Meat

However, the problem that most people have about crab meat is that fact it tastes pretty disgusting if you don’t know how to prepare it. Also, it’s hard to get crab meat all year round, especially if you do not live near a coastal city. It also takes very long to prepare properly, and not many restaurants serve fresh crab meat.

Crab Cakes to the Rescue

Our unique crab cakes, are made with care and love. Each crab meat is processed individually using human hands and not through a machine. Not only that we use 52 spices and seasonings to prepare the crab cakes. Once the crab cakes are prepared, they are freeze dried to keep the freshness. The defrosting process is also highly controlled, using our patented defrosting technology in various restaurants throught out the country. Once it has been defrosted the crab cakes are cooked to perfection and served immediately.

Many of our customers rant and rave about our amazing cakes, and love it that we have an open concept kitchen that allows people to see the action. Very similar to tempanyaki restaurants in Japan, where the chef has everything for everyone to see.

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